Guaranteed Delivery | Return Cost Included

Guaranteed Delivery | Return Cost Included

Tiny Explorers Baby Equipment rental in London and throughout the UK.

Making travelling with kids easy peasy! UK Wide Next Day Delivery!

Hire a slumberpod an absolute must for travelling with young chidlren! A SlumberPod creates an ideal sleep environment when traveling. A SlumberPod is a portable, privacy sleep nook that allows babies to sleep in their crib, cot or toddler air mattress with room to sit up or stand up inside. Solves the age-old problem of getting a good night’s sleep while sharing a room with your little one or having a small child sleep in a room without blackout curtains. Thanks to A SlumberPod’s dark yet breathable fabric, babies and toddlers can now sleep overnight or nap almost anywhere! An absolute travel must!

Slumberpod Blackout Tent Hire (Fits over Cot/Crib)

Minimum 7 Day Rental From £28 Plus VAT

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